Dice Are Rolling

Had a good time rolling dice this past weekend with free RPG and Worldwide D&D days going. It looks as if D&D Next has greatly solidified itself as a game, but with lots of tweaking still in the works. I’ve seen a lot of people still adjusting to a game that doesn’t require a 1-inch gridded battlemat in order to play. Pathfinder remains my game of choice, but I do like the “theater of the mind” free-flow feel you can get with games like World of Darkness and now D&D Next. This is a much improved step beyond the horror (and failure) of D&D 4E. And then We Be Goblins Too! was released for Pathfinder, because who doesn’t want to play a goblin?? And everybody knows Pathfinder has the best, most fun goblins around. There were some great takeaways from the event, including materials from some of my favorite settings–World of Darkness, Shadowrun, and Star Wars. It looks like both World of Darkness and Shadowrun are working on a little revamping (pun intended, WoD) to their game mechanics.

What else? It’s another year to wait for the next season of Game of Thrones, which remains my favorite program. True Blood kicked off this past weekend, and at this point I can take it or leave it. There are some initial indicators that this season might be interesting, but they’ve got some ground to make up to catch mine. I think it was the whole faerie thing that turned me off. I’ve been catching up on Grimm, as the DVR has been throwing out threatening signs like “!” and “4% space left.” Grimm didn’t turn out to be the show I expected it to be, but I enjoy it as a campy sort of fairy tale. Kind of in the same way I like the movie Lake Placid

I should have in my hands a copy of Pathfinder Chronicler Vol. 3 next month, which will have a short story I wrote within it called Monsters in the Attic.  Although it took a deal of time for them to get volume 2 out, it’s a nice looking book, so I’m looking forward to seeing volume 3. Unfortunately the only way to lay your hands on one of these books is by attending a convention like PaizoCon. Hopefully that will change in the future, as they’re making a lot of good changes to this fan fiction site.


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